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Archies - Arch Support Flip Flops - Crystal Black

Archies - Arch Support Flip Flops - Crystal Black

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Archies Arch Support Flop Flops were designed to fix many of the issues associated with traditional 'flat' flip flops.Archies Flip Flops look just like ‘normal’ flip flops, yet provide the same amount of support as a typical orthotic.

Our Specialized Closed-Cell Foam Material and Patented Footbed not only molds and conforms to the shape of your foot, but cradles and supports your arches, putting your feet in the most biomechanically appropriate position possible.

This improved postural alignment, in combination with a tighter strap, leads to improved lower limb mechanics which results in less energy exertion effortless walking, speedier athletic recovery and overall healthier feet!

  • Podiatrist recommended
  • Designed by physiotherapist
  • Lightweight
  • Real arch support
  • Super comfy material
  • No blowouts
  • No toe clawing